Lia Mittelsteiner

Senior HR & ESG Manager

Human Resources


Lia Mittelsteiner

As Senior HR & ESG Manager in the Commerce & Ventures segment, her role is to implement guidelines and policies on our portfolio companies in accordance with the group strategy, and to ensure a smooth implementation of HR strategies within the portfolio. In addition, she facilitates the exchange of the HR community throughout the portfolio companies. With a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management and 5 years of professional experience as an HR Business Partner and HR Project Manager, she has a solid foundation for her role. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors, taking long bike rides and adventurous hikes.

» strong HR community within the portfolio presents a unique opportunity for a sharing culture, where we learn from one another and exchange best practices, fostering continuous growth and development«

Lia Mittelsteiner - Senior HR & ESG Manager

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